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This legal notice is formally established by HEPHAESTUS ENTERTAINMENT LTDA, a private legal entity, duly registered under the CNPJ nº 49.797.754/0001-03, hereinafter referred to as "HEPHAESTUS ENTERTAINMENT". This statement aims to clarify and delimit the nature of the legal and commercial relationship existing between HEPHAESTUS ENTERTAINMENT and any external entities, in relation to the administration and operation of the PCSurvival.Games website and its additional domains, and

Operational Independence and Commercial Relations

Operational Autonomy: HEPHAESTUS ENTERTAINMENT declares, for all legal purposes, that it carries out its activities on the mentioned sites autonomously, independently, and without any form of representation, affiliation, or partnership with external brands, entities, or third-party companies.

Relationship with External Brands: It is expressly declared that HEPHAESTUS ENTERTAINMENT does not maintain commercial ties, representation, or any other nature that implies a direct or indirect association with any external brands or companies holding rights over electronic games or other products.

Respect for Intellectual Property and Service Autonomy

Observance of Intellectual Property Rights: HEPHAESTUS ENTERTAINMENT emphasizes its commitment to the strict compliance with current legislation regarding respect and protection of intellectual property rights. The company ensures that all its operations are conducted in compliance with applicable legal standards and that there is no improper use of third-party intellectual property.

Provided Services: The services offered by the websites managed by HEPHAESTUS ENTERTAINMENT are developed, managed, and executed exclusively by the company, without interference, supervision, or contribution from any external brands or third-party companies.

This legal notice is issued by HEPHAESTUS ENTERTAINMENT with the purpose of clarifying the company's position regarding its operations and commercial relations. HEPHAESTUS ENTERTAINMENT reaffirms its operational independence and its respect for intellectual property laws, conducting its business activities with integrity, transparency, and responsibility.

Updated on December 20, 2023.

CNPJ: 49.797.754/0001-03